2017-18 Sculpture

Caravan waits for a Coyote, 2018, 80″ x 22.5″ x 77″, mixed media

Up in arms, 2018, 34.5″x78″x17″ mixed media
Whimsy, 46.5″x15″ dia., mixed media
Family with dog, 2018, 9.75’x25.75″x8″, wood
Orator speaks to an unsuspecting group, 2018, 8.25″x3.5″x14.75″, mixed media
Family group, 2018, 11.5″x5″x15.5″, mixed media
Due North, 2018, 6″x6″x15″, wood
Mother visits with a friend, 2017, 9″x4.5″x12″, mixed media
Sometimes just a line, 2017, 24″x8″x80″, wood and paint
The last domino, mixed media
Hermit on a hill contemplates the day, mixed media
Confronted with tornado forces, he peed in his pants, 8.25″x2″x8.5″, mixed media